What happens in April on Brawl Stars

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Hello, Brawlers! Today, a short summary of all the new features coming in April on Brawl Stars. As a reminder, these informations were given during the last Brawl Talk in March.

New Brawler : Sprout

Sprout is a pitcher, just like Dynamike or Bartaba. It is a support that should be of mythical rarity. Here are the details of his attacks: Health points : 3000 (level 1) Speed: normal Basic Attack: Sprout propels a ball of seeds that bounces before exploding. If this ball makes contact with the enemy, it explodes on impact. - Damages (level 1) : 1000 - Range: normal - Loading speed: normal Super: Sprout uses his super seed to build a barrier that becomes a temporary obstacle and makes passage impossible. - Damage: 400 - Range: large

Star Powers: - Overpower : Seed bombs that make contact with no enemy explode in a wider radius. - Photosynthesis : Sprout activates a shield that partially protects him from attack when he is in a bush.

Gadget: Sprout destroys a bush to get 3000 PV. 3 charges per game. We reveal its gameplay at the end of this article.

New skins

3 new skins will also be available in April, make way for Coack Mike, Horus Bo and Jessie Tanuki! Here are the prices and release dates: - Coach Mike: 150 gems (release April 3rd) - Horus Bo : 150 gems (release ?) - Jessie Tanuki : 150 gems (release ?)

Leak gameplay Wally and Horus Bo :

Discover in exclusivity a gameplay of Sprout ( https://youtu.be/E-O8ncADk8k), Horus Bo and Coach Mike.

Thank you for reading, don't hesitate to tell us your favorite new feature of this update! The Playgrind team

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