Transcending borders with Mocho from Oxygen Gaming

(PG) Hello, Mocho, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Well, thank you for providing me with this opportunity. My name is Mocho, I live in Spain and I'm interested in e-sports in general.

(PG) What do you do when you are not playing?

I will be attending high-school this year and I aim to become a great nurse. As for e-sports, I am passionate about them too, so I am certain that I want to dedicate myself to this passion.

(PG) Can you tell us about your experience and how you evolved in this world?

I started playing Brawl Stars when it was launched worldwide although I didn't really like the way you are supposed to be playing it. I began meeting new people I had fun playing with.
Little by little I was enjoying the game more and more but I didn't play very often. I started competition about 9 months ago in a project among friends, which wasn't very professional. Gradually you improve as manager and new offers are made to you.
After our team between friends, I was picked by Ready2Play, where all happened to be more professional, with daily training, top-notch championships with a higher level. Unfortunately I had to leave the team. My next big project was Deltaurus Wizards. With it I definitely stepped up as a manager, but this change wasn't an easy one for me, because of my lack of experience and contacts.
In the end, you end up meeting and getting to know more people, which allows you to play against a lot of teams. After a few months, the whole roster decided to split up with the structure, looking for a better organisation, which would provide us with more. So we renamed F/A (Free Agent) Wizards.
As of this moment, we stayed 4 months without an organisation, in spite of our great results, such as finishing third in the CCC Tournament - which gathered the very best European teams - or for instance reaching the quarter finals of the May Championship. We decided to join Oxygen Gaming after all, which is a ten-member structure and I still think it was the right to do.

(PG) You are currently Manager for Oxygen Gaming; how are the training, the mood and the tournaments going?

Training sessions are simple : two scrims a day, each about an hour and a half. The mood is great and everyone perfectly gets on with each other, which oils the wheels of our job.

(PG) According to you, what are the essential skills required for being a manager? What difficulties can be encountered doing this job?

In my opinion, taking the initiative, working as a team, being a well-organised leader and having many contacts are the most important qualities for being a manager.

(PG) Isn't managing instead of playing sometimes frustrating?

At first, it can be frustrating but when you trust your players, everything is fine! So if they see you don't trust them, they won't play confidently and they will fail more. You need to support them whenever the going gets tough, hence the necessity of having faith in them and supporting them in the decisions they make.

(PG) Spanish e-sports seem to be working out pretty well, what do you think?

I think that it is fantastic and should make us proud both for the very best players in Spain and those who just dipped their toe in the water of e-sports. Each and every one makes his contribution and, bit by bit, Spanish e-sports is on the rise.

(PG) Regarding the specific features of the game, what is your favourite game mode?

Definitely Brawl Ball.

(PG) What is your favourite Brawler? Do you have any tips on how to play it well?

My favourite character is Nita which you can best play waiting for the right moment to use her gadgets because a single one, combined with a bear can be the game-winning move.

(PG) What do you think of the new update and the latest features?

The latest update was very interesting, with many new features, and I expect the next ones to be even better!

(PG) Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us! I'm so glad to have done what happens to be the first interview outside the French-speaking area!

Thank you for the interview!

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