Press release : Brawl Stars TV

Good morning, everyone.

It is with great joy that we can, after more than 6 months, announce the return of Brawl Stars TV. Doesn't that mean anything to you? So, a quick look back at the history of Playgrind.

Brawl Stars TV, mother of Playgrind...

Before Playgrind, that is before September 2019, we were known as Brawl Stars TV (or BSTV for short). We had a Twitter account with more than 3000 subscribers and we used the old version of this website to publish our articles.

Unfortunately, last September, Supercell attacked Brawl Stars TV for "identity theft" and Twitter was forced to suspend the account. Although it was an obvious mistake, the account could never be recovered. 2 years of work and passion were destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Today, I (Tom(ik), creator of Brawl Stars TV and Playgrind) have decided to revive Brawl Stars TV, but in a slightly different way.

How will Brawl Stars TV work?

The Brawl Stars TV will return on 2 platforms: Twitter and Facebook. (As the Facebook page has not been deleted, it is still accessible). Here are the links:

You can follow them now. On these accounts, you will have the opportunity to discover all the Brawl Stars news, whether in articles or publications. THE NEW is that ALL ARTICLES and PUBLICATIONS on these accounts will be available in English and French. This allows a wider range of people to discover Brawl Stars TV.

We ask for your maximum support and sharing to celebrate the return of Brawl Stars TV, so that it can finally live again!

Tomik and the Playgrind team

Playgrind l 2020

Version 2.1.1