Brawl Stars : a solution to the problem of on purpose self-scoring goals ?

Hello, Brawlers!

In a tweet in the form of a "thread", Frank recently shared his opinion about "self-scoring goals", in other words about randoms who score against our camp voluntarily and drive us crazy because of it!

In this "thread", Frank explains why the "magic button" solution to report a player scoring against his team is not yet possible on Brawl Stars, and what would be the way to solve this unfortunately widespread problem (Frank mentions 1,000,000 such requests per day, but believes that this toll underestimates the actual number of such reports.)

However, these should be checked afterwards by the Brawl Stars teams, in order to verify that these warnings are valid and do not concern a simple "the random guy with me played Mortis when he is not adapted to the map".

So according to Frank, the famous "report" button is not likely to see the light of day anytime soon. Although the Supercell teams have been aware of this problem in the community for some time, they don't want to make a hasty decision and make the game "toxic" by creating problems.

That's why they are working to make the game better and better by creating a pleasant and safe environment for the community, even if the wait is a little long, but in the end, the players are satisfied and play in the best possible environment.

Have a nice day and above all, stay home < 3


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